Indoor Program Updates - September 21, 2020

September 16, 2020 at 1:00pm

Program registration remains open for programs that have space.

Program questions can be directed to our Operations Director - Corey Draper

Women’s League – 59 of 72 spots have been claimed to date for this program. Sunday WSF South (U of M)

Register for the League Here

WYUL 12-15 -  This junior program runs Sunday’s starting at 6:30pm at WSF North. The program is currently 43% filled up please spread the word or this program will reduced this fall.

Register for the Program Here

WYUL HS League - This junior program will run onSunday’s 7:35 to 9:35pm and will be a combo training program and a full league worth of games. We are offering the first hour as training with spacing enforced throughout that hour, then a second hour of game play which will follow our gameplay protocols and allow for brief contact. This program is only 28% sold to date, space may be reduced so register today to guarantee a spot.

Register for the League Here

Programs With Enough Capacity (Will Run)

Torque Brewing Adult Indoor Mixed League – 32 teams registered, and a waitlist is open. If we get more demand in the next 48 hours, we may be able to expand to 40 teams, however we need to know no later than this Friday to secure that gym time (or look at adding in University of Winnipeg Rec-plex in the following weeks).

Men’s Draft League (MIUDL) – This program is currently two thirds full and will either fill up by Friday or operate on reduced space.

4x4 Mixed League – This program has switched evenings to Tuesday night’s 9:30 (still at WSF North). Currently it sits at close to 50% capacity with registration remains open until Friday. This program will fill up or can operate on reduced fields.

Women’s Elite (WIWIUL) – This program is registering offline and has enough players to run at reduced capacity if not full capacity.

Men’s Elite (WIMIUL) – Athletes can still sign up for this program on a Google form here. This program has enough players to run at reduced capacity if not full capacity.

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