School League Registration Info

Student Membership Payment Options

Who: Middle and High School team coaches, admins and managers.

What: Options to control how student memberships get collected.

When: During team registration for the School Leagues

Why: To help teams control the process that parents will experience when accepting invites to the league.


Team Creation Payment Options

As part of the team registration process schools will choose one of 3 options to help control the registration process for their parents / guardians.

The image to the right shows the example of where you select option 1 or 2; option 3 is started offline.

Option 1 "School will pay for memberships" - Parents / Guardians will receive an emaill invite to register their child to the team and accept the "Assumption of Risk Forms" on their behalf. This process will ask the parent to complete the profile info for them and their child.

Option 2 "Individual parents will pay for memberships" - Similar to above except the parent / guardian will also be prompted to buy a junior membership for their child.

Option 3 Use of Paper Waivers - Schools who don't want to have parents accepting the waiver online can use a paper option. Teams wanting to use this option need to contact Corey to get the forms and create a plan with the office for collection and how to handle the online aspect of registration.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Can a school use more then one option for collection? - The short answer is yes, but there are some considerations to factor in so again that would be a case where they should contact Corey first to understand how this works. The office recommends that you pick one option and stick with it.

What if the parent doesn't receive the team invite email? Have them check their junk / filters to make sure the email didn't get caught there. Contact Corey to have him help you get access.

What does the membership cover? MODS Junior memberships cover the sports insurance and Ultimate Canada grass roots fees. What's left goes towards admin costs and to help offset the field expenses for the school leagues.

Do players need their own email addresses? Everyone in the system has to have an email except in the case of our school league. Leaving the players email blank will make the system use the parent email instead.

Why do parents have to have profiles? Youth athletes can't sign their own waivers and therefore need to be connected to a parent / guardian. Each profile in the system has to be connected to a real person so a minimum of info is needed to make this work. The parent's birthdate is required to show they are an adult in the system capable of accepting a child's "Assumption of Risk" form.

March 14, 2019 at 9:00am
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