Junior Home Development

Welcome to the Home Development Page brought to you by Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports

This page will act as a hub for MODS to share training and development information with our junior and adult members. These materials are here to assist with development at home and while following all safety protocols issued by the Province of Manitoba during this current pandemic.

Please Note: "All actions and movements shown in this presentation follow a skills and progression based model of learning, subject to the SPORT National Entity and sanctioned by the Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports. The material found within is general in basis and does not take into account individual needs or limitations. Anyone who applies this program on their own does so at their own risk".

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Section 1 - Games to Watch

Section 2 - Physical Development

Section 3 - Mental Development

Section 4 - Technical Development

Drills for Individuals at Home

We are always looking for creative ways to work on skills from the comfort of home or with reduced support (extra people). Please come back often to find new drills and activities you can do on your own to improve your Ultimate game.

Virtual Coach for FREE!

Reach out to some of our Team Manitoba coaches to get advice on drills and videos offered on this page.

Athletes are also welcome to take video of themselves working on drills and send that video through this link for feedback related to their improvement and growth. Athletes can email either link for feedback regardless of their gender.



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