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Do you hold tryouts?
Tryouts are part of the General Strike tryouts held in late April/early May, and generally cost $10-$15

Do you train in spring/summer or year-round?
We begin pre-season training in early March, and end our training in mid-late August

How many times per week do you train in season?
We train 2-3 times per week during the season

How many times per week do you train out of season?
We train once per week in the preseason, no training in the offseason

Do you attend CUC regional qualifiers every year or select years?
We attend CUC qualifiers in years that we need to attend. If the bids are all open and no qualifying is needed, we go to LT’s Freedom Fest in Duluth Minnesota

Do you attend CUC nationals every year or select years?
We will likely attend CUC every year that we qualify

Do you attend competitions in the USA?
Yes, usually twice or three times per summer

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