Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) is a leader for the sport of ultimate in Canada. Since 1988 we’ve fostered the sport and Spirit of the Game in Manitoba, and today we’re over 5,000 members and growing! Through our adult, youth, and school programs, we’re proud to see ultimate and all disc sports become an activity of choice for Manitobans.

As a non-profit entity with Sport Manitoba recognition and status, our organization works through a board of directors whom are elected by our members each year at the annual general meeting in September. Our board, with Sport Manitoba support, sets out to work on four year plans which meet the needs and requests of our members while fostering positive growth for the sport. The vision laid out by the board and Sport Manitoba is carried out through the two full-time office employees (Business and Sport Development Director and Program/Operations Director) and the aid of summer employees secured through grants. In 2018 MODS was able to hire nine part-time employees through grants to help achieve goals and reach their vision.

Our Mission

MODS fosters disc sports by providing opportunities to learn, play, and teach spirited ultimate in the greater Winnipeg area.

Our Vision

MODS works towards becoming the leading organization for disc sports in Canada. Through strong business planning, respect for Spirit of the Game, and desire to further disc sports, we work each day toward giving our members the best experience possible.

Our Values

MODS members represent a diverse background in ages, cultures, abilities, and beliefs. Together our shared values guide our operations, planning, and programs so that each member is able to get the most from our organization. Our success is driven by four internal pillars:

1. Determination

Performance and delivery lie at the heart of our core values. Through financial determination we're able to create long-lasting and self-sustaining programs for all our members. Through determination in planning we're able to offer programs in an organized and concise manner. Through determination to win, we challenge each other to become better in spirit, play, and innovation.

2. Spirit (of the game and in team)

Spirit is what has allowed the sport to grow and continues to be a driving factor in our organization's growth. MODS values the effort and spirit people put into our community and we work toward inclusion and listening to concerns and accomplishments shared with us by our members.

3. Fair Play

We understand the rules of our sport and community. We hold ourselves and our members accountable to those rules for our community. We openly share our rules and are open to feedback about our structure. Everyone who comes to our office, to our board, or to one of our programs should be welcomed and treated as an equal.

4. Innovation 

“Progress is impossible if we continue to do things the way we have always done them.”

MODS recognizes the position it's in within the National community and through innovation we hope to create pathways to all our programs and plans which can be shared and implemented by other provinces in Canada. MODS endeavours to create new programs and maintain their successful traditions while always asking “is this the best way we can do this”?


MODS was founded in 1988. After humble beginnings at St Paul's High School dating back to 1985, MODS co-founder Jean-Luc Forest wanted a more organized league to promote disc sports. MODS began as a four-team league at Assiniboine Park, but the fourth team was forced to fold due to a lack of players. They continued as a three-team league for a few seasons. The early years of the Winnipeg Ultimate League set in motion a series of tremendous accomplishments and growth. Along with Mike Jones and several very dedicated people, MODS became a leader nationally for our sport. MODS was the first ultimate organization in Canada to incorporate and was also the first to achieve Provincial Sports Organization status. Growth came quickly as dozens of people became hundreds and by the late 1990s the league was over 1,000 members.

At its 30th anniversary in 2018 MODS is more than 5,000 members and growing. The MODS School Leagues have grown to include over 50 teams in 30 schools and have provided Winnipeg with one of the best junior provincial teams in the country. MODS now runs programming year-round and is looking to expand in the critical early years age ranges to help further develop the sport of ultimate.

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