Board of Directors

Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports (MODS) is run by a volunteer board of directors. Thanks to these individuals for sharing their time and talents with us. 

MODS Board of Directors

Yacine Bara (2019)


Yacine Bara first became a MODS member in 2003, having taken up ultimate at the conclusion of his time as a collegiate-level basketball player. From that point, ultimate became more 'purpose' than 'pastime' for him, as Yacine quickly found his way into the competitive ranks of our sport. As a member of Winnipeg's General Strike from 2006 to present - and a captain from 2009 to 2014 - he contributed to the club's rise to perennial contender status at the national level. In parallel to that, Yacine served as MODS Treasurer from 2010 to 2016, overseeing significant transformation in the organization's financial management (addition of a bookkeeper; overhaul of recording, reporting and budgeting processes; procurement of new auditor; return to good standing with Sport Manitoba; successful navigation of large GST liability to CRA, to name a few highlights.). Now having been away from the board for one year, he aims to return and lend his deep history with MODS to leading it forward into an exciting era, with WMUCC 2018 to be held in Winnipeg, new facilities- and fields-development plans on the horizon, and an overall landscape for the organization that is both thriving and ripe with opportunity to grow the reach of this sport we love.

DeLee Coleman (2019)

Director & Personnel Committee 

De Lee has been a member of MODS for four years. She started playing when a friend asked her to join their summer team as they were having trouble finding enough females to play. After joining for that first summer she fell in love with the sport. She wanted to continue playing and not wait until the following summer and decided to joined fall parity and women’s developmental league. After meeting new people in both leagues, DeLee then joined winter coed teams and has been playing year-round since.
After playing with such amazing people and making lifelong friends, DeLee would like to help continue to grow the sport of ultimate and introduce and expose new people to such a great lifelong sport by giving back to the ultimate community in any way she can.
With a strong background in finance and years of experience with board governance, DeLee would bring a mix of professional experience along with a passion to be an advocate for the sport in her community to the MODS board of directors.

Lori Reimer (2019)

Vice President, Women's Committee Member & Governance Committee

Lori has been a member of MODS since moving to Winnipeg in 2013. Spending her university years in Ontario, Lori learned to play ultimate while at the University of Waterloo. After moving back to her home province, ultimate was a way to create a community and build friendships.
Lori has been an active participant in Winnipeg's ultimate community - playing on many league teams, the UofM women's team, captaining the touring team Nonsuch, chairing MODS Touring Committee, and participating on the Women's Committee are a few highlights.

Daniel Plourde (2019)

Director & Governance Committee 

Ultimate has been a significant part of Daniel's life for the better part of the last decade now. He's played on Winnipeg General Strike for the past seven seasons, including this last summer. He played MOFO the one year before that and also played on the University of Manitoba Ultimate Club for five years from 2011 to 2015. He's also been involved in coaching the provincial teams, having spent two years with Manitou, and this past summer with the national champion MOFO Boys team. Daniel is also involved in the running of WIMIUL and spent a summer as the MODS student employee during the year that Winnipeg hosted CUC, 2015. 
A recent graduate of the University of Manitoba in Mechanical Engineering, Daniel is returning to start his Masters in fall 2017.
Daniel is currently on the governance committee, helping bring mods policy back up to date.

Rob Borges (2020)

Director & Website Working Group 

Rob has been an active MODS member since 2000 and plays recreationally in our summer and indoor fall / winter seasons. For several years now Rob has unofficially volunteered to help the office staff with computer related issues. Rob joined the Website and Communications committee (now dissolved) when it was first created and has been heavily involved since. Rob is now the chair of the Website Working Group that is responsible for overseeing the creation and launching of the new MODS website in 2019. In January 2017 Rob took an opportunity to increase his role with MODS yet again by filling a vacancy on the Board, and was recently voted back onto the Board at the 2018 AGM. Aside from the tech related MODS items Rob also wants to focus on MODS core recreational programs and Spirit of the game.

Mark Smith (2020)

Director and MODS Treasurer

Mark joined MODS in 2009. He played high school ultimate and has played on and captained multiple rec coed ultimate teams. Before joining the board, he spent a year on the MODS treasury committee learning from Nick Koss, our former treasurer. His background in finance made him an ideal candidate to fill the Treasury position and his involvement in the MODS community made him an ideal personality to help engage the membership through the board. In his spare time, Mark can be found watching the Jets game, hiking with his wife and dog, or trying to find the perfect bread recipe.

Meghan Marsland (2020)

Director, Personnel Committee & Board Secretary 

Meghan first started playing recreation ultimate in 2005. She has represented Winnipeg proudly on the touring stage playing for Fusion and most recently Mint. Her Educational background includes a B.S in Environmental Science as well as a certificate in Management and Administration and Master’s Certificate in Municipal Leadership. Meghan has already helped our local community by taking on the role of Assistant to the Tournament Director for the Junior’s Division of CUC in 2015. Meghan is currently a Branch Head for the City of Winnipeg, Water and Waste Department and we are excited to have a life-long learner joining our Board of Directors.

Heidi Grieser (2020)

Director & Junior Committee 

Heidi joined the MODS Board at the most recent AGM this past fall. A long time MODS member, Heidi is not only a player in the women's and mixed scenes, but is also a parent of two ultimate athletes who play in the school programs and in elite play during the summers with Team Manitoba.
Working through the board, Heidi is able to give back to the community while also putting to use her continued studies in Kinesiology (sport management and sport science) from the University of Winnipeg.

Giueseppe Grande (2020)

Director & Communications Committee 

Giuseppe joins the board representing many hats and views from the ultimate community. He is captain for Just Friends mixed indoors and outdoors and he has also been a player in other MODS leagues from parity to 4 on 4. His experience as a recreational player in all formats is a great addition to the MODS board of directors and is already being positively felt as Giesuppe leads the new MODS communication committee for 2019.

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