MODS 2020 Annual General Meeting

This year MODS is hosting their Annual General Meeting in a digital environment to allow our members and community to attend from the comforts of their homes while avoiding increased risk of exposure to COVID-19. For our members, please register in advance to allow our staff to confirm your membership status and get you a personalized link to the AGM which will allow you to ask questions and vote during the meeting. For those interested individuals who are not members, please note the AGM will be live streamed on Facebook so that you may follow along.

Date: Thursday September 17th 

Time: 7pm

Format: Zoom Meeting 

Notes: To join the Zoom Meeting as an active MODS member, please follow this link to begin the registration process (please ensure you use the email associated with your MODS account for accuray and validation) Pre Register for MODS AGM (members only). For non members the AGM will be live streamed on the MODS Facebook page.

To ensure you can vote at the meeting:

1. Ensure you have a valid and fully paid MODS membership for 2020/21

2. Declare your attendance at the AGM by Tuesday September 15th (no later than 3pm CDT)

3. Voting will take place at the end of the AGM, through the poll feature within Zoom there will be 5 Board of Director positions open for voting. 

  • There will be one list of candidates
  • As a voting member, you can choose up to a maximum of 5 people to join the Board of Directors
  • Based on the slate of candidates this year, 2 positions will go to the two women who get the most votes, 2 more positions will go to the two men who get the most votes, and the final 5th position will be filled by the person who obtains the most votes from the remaining candidates.

4. If you have any questions for the candidates, they must be submitted by September 15th at 3pm CDT. All questions should be sent to the Board President. The morning of September 17th (day of AGM) all answers will be shared here on the MODS AGM page in advance of the meeting for all members to see.

Outgoing & Interim Board Members

We would like to say thank you to our outgoing board members for their years of service, as volunteers for our community and organization. We want to acknowledge the extra time and special efforts they have made during the recent pandemic to help keep the organization in a strong and healthy position moving forward.

Outgoing President - Rob Borges (committees: personnel, website, AGM)

Outgoing Board Member - Meghan Marsland (committees: personnel)

Outgoing Board Member - Heidi Grieser (committees: junior provincial team, junior school, AGM)

Outgoing Secretary - Giuseppe Grande (committees: communication)

Outgoing Treasurer - This past winter and spring saw a change-over in treasury as well. Outgoing was former treasurer Mark Smith. Incoming for Mark, was Mike Mose who has helped us for the past half year.

Sean Restall


You may remember me from last year's election, and I am once again applying at the request of other members as well as current board members.

I have been a member of MODS since 2011 after moving back home from university in Ontario where I first learned to play ultimate.  Over the years I have participated in the Summer, Fall, and Winter rec leagues on multiple teams, played and convened MODS’ parity league for a number of years, and toured with a variety of Winnipeg’s mixed touring teams.

Outside of ultimate I am a lawyer running a general practice, which means I need to maintain knowledge in a variety of areas.  Corporate governance, real estate, and contracts are just some of the areas of law thatI deal with on a daily basis.

While I may not have been selected as a board member last year, I still want to help the organization grow in a positive direction with the many demands of the organization's finite resources.

Eric Robert


Education: Bachelor of Arts - University of Manitoba - 2001
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) - Asper School of Business - 2006
Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba - 2011

Eric began his accounting career in January 2005 working in his father's public practice firm performing various administrative and IT functions including bookkeeping and personal tax preparation. Being quite adept at computers and technology, he quickly started working on more complicated tax files and helped update processes and policies throughout the firm.

Eric has over 15 years of experience performing audit and review engagements for several Not-For-Profits around Manitoba.  This experience has helped Eric learn the roles and responsibilities of board of directors for NFPs and how they can be most efficient for the organization as a whole.

Eric and his wife, Andrea, have 1 child, Soren, who, at 3 years of age, has a great love of music and people.

Eric sits on the Chartered Professional Accountants Public Practice Review Committee and on the board of directors of his son’s daycare as treasurer.

When he isn’t working, Eric enjoys spending time outdoors, with friends and family, travelling, camping, cycling or playing ultimate frisbee.

Jesse Greenberg


Why I’m Running

I'm fortunate to have been mentored by some of the brightest, fairest, and most genuine people in ultimate and I hope to put that knowledge to use by supporting the growth and progress of MODS. If I'm given the chance to represent our community as a board member, I'll give it the same passion and attention I've always had for this sport.


I’ve played on rec teams, club teams, youth teams, national teams, university teams, foreign teams, beach teams, professional teams, and have had the opportunity to coach for several years through the many great programs in our province.

Professional Experience

  • Worked at MODS for 3 summers & volunteered for many more
  • Graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce
  • My current job is with Laivly, a Manitoba based tech company that works with many of the world's largest brands to help them improve their customer service programs. My role is with the product and marketing teams on sales development.

Fun Stuff

  • I've been playing disc golf for several years. Losing a disc is an absolute tragedy. Forget everything above, my entire platform will be dedicated to developing the technology for retrievable disc golf discs
  • I just purchased a home close to IJL fields to prepare for this role. Commitment.

Charlotte Thrift


My introduction to ultimate took place in 2007. I have since played in the various rec-leagues (indoor, outdoor, and parity) and have been a team captain since 2016. My interest in joining the MODS board stems from a desire to support and improve the leagues that have been vital to my mental and physical health. I have previous board experience, and I believe my skill set will be an asset to the board.

As a Program Coordinator at the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, my job is to provide strategic, advisory, and administrative support to support consensus-based intergovernmental working groups in identifying collective priorities, designing projects to address those priorities, and completing work. Additionally, I am responsible for administration of the financial activities of these working groups. I have a project management background and have organized many events in recent years, including an international conference, stakeholder consultation meetings, smaller working group meetings across Canada, and many virtual events. I work in a policy environment and have a strong monitoring and evaluation background.

My specific interests in MODS governance are policy development and growing disc sports in Winnipeg and Manitoba, particularly in underrepresented communities. As a transgender athlete, I also have a strong personal interest in making MODS, and the broader sporting community, more welcoming to trans athletes.

Margret Gobert


I was first introduced to ultimate in 2017, as a parent of a school ultimate player at St. John’s Ravenscourt School.  Over the years I have had the pleasure of learning the sport while watching her develop and grow through school programs and playing for the MODS Team Manitoba programs of Mofo and Rebellion.

During this time, I have had the opportunity to volunteer with a variety of events; Hold Back the Snow, World Masters, Superspike as well as travel with the teams as a parent chaperone to CUC in Edmonton. 

I currently work for Panthers Gymnastics, a non-profit gymnastics club as the Club Administrator. In this position I have extensive experience in all aspects of running an amateur sport program from hosting competitions and events, organizing volunteers and fundraising.  In my position I also have public relations and customer service experience, including writing press releases, program registration information packages and maintaining all website and social media. As part of a non-profit club I also am responsible for all grant applications and sponsorship programs.

I’d love to be a part of the MODS Board because I feel I can bring a different perspective to the table. I’ve learned a lot about the sport, especially in regards with the school and junior programs and would love to help those programs grow and see continued success.

Delaney Vun


Delaney began playing ultimate in 2006 when she was invited to join a mixed rec league team and quickly fell in love with the game.  After playing in the Mixed Summer League for many years, she signed up for the Women’s Development league to improve her skills, leading to a spot on the Women’s Masters touring team, Mint.  In addition to being involved in recreational and touring ultimate (including being a co-captain of Mint in 2018), Delaney has served on the Women’s Development Committee for several years, and been the co-coordinator of the Women’s Development and Women’s Intermediate leagues since 2017.  She has also captained in the Women’s Development and Women’s Intermediate leagues since 2016.

In her professional life, Delaney is a partner at a large Winnipeg law firm practising corporate and commercial law.  She serves on the boards of the Canadian Condominium Institute – Manitoba Chapter and the St. Mary’s Academy Foundation.

Ultimate has introduced Delaney to lifelong friends, been an excellent source of exercise and provided an outlet for her competitive energy.  Being on the Board of Directors would allow her to contribute to the strategic direction of MODS and ensure that the sport she loves continues to grow.

Amanda Froese


My first experience with ultimate was in grade 10 at DMCI. This sparked a passion for the game that has only continued to grow. In my grade 12 year I had an opportunity to try out for MOFO, testing my abilities in a way they hadn’t been tested in the High school league. I was fortunate to be given a spot on the 2018 MOFO roster and, from there, I fell in love with the game more and more. Seeing the inner workings of competitive play provided me new opportunities to get more involved in the community and coaching. I coach ultimate for a few reasons, one of which is I enjoy seeing my athletes progress throughout a season/their career. I still am new to coaching but love the challenge and look forward to trying to further my knowledge of the game. I played the 2019 season with Fusion and was a part of the 4v4 team North Ultimate.  

A little bit about me. Throughout my high school career I was a member of my student council, running for vice president in my grade 11 year and president in my grade 12 year. My duties included, but weren’t limited to, co-ordinating student council events and participating on the grad planning committee. This helped me develop my organizational, time management and teamwork skills. Working with a diverse group of students to meet tight deadlines provided me an invaluable experience and translates closely into the pressures of my current day to day as a university student. 

Currently, I am studying at the University of Winnipeg, working towards a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology. My goal is to minor in business and Ive taken several courses towards this goal thus far. The experience of being on this board will further help me navigate what the future holds after graduation.

Donovan Wiebe


I have been a MODS member since 1995 and have represented MODS and Winnipeg locally, nationally (CUCs, CUUCs, North American Championshipsand other tournaments) and internationally (USAUs, Worlds, World Clubs). I have also volunteered coaching for four years with middle school and WYUL.

I have played league teams every year and have encouraged many friends to becoming ultimate players.

I have also disc golf (recreationally) for the last couple of years.

I feel that I will have the time and commitment to help out wherever needed and want to see MODS prosper.

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